Terracotta Panel

Terracotta Panel

About Togen Terracotta Panel

Terracotta has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials for centuries. It has recently been embraced as a natural and timeless medium for modern rainscreen and sunscreen design. A variety of panel lengths and heights can be utilized to create a modern, natural aesthetic.
The Advantages of Terracotta Panel

1. Unique decoration element 
2. Durable material 
3. Safe material 
4. Green material 

5. Easy Installation 
6.Maintanence free 
7. Easy-replacement

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Dimension of Togen Terracotta Rainscreen Facade Panels

You may need Terracotta Baguette / Custom Terracotta

Togen Standard Color

Togen offers terracotta panels with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. By adding specific components to the clay, Togen has managed to offer terracotta products with different shades of color. It has the characters of low consumption, no radiation, no pollution and non-faded feature. With good anti-UV capability, the color remains bright and vivid all the time. More Detail

Togen Textures & Finishes

Togen terracotta panels come with a great variety of different surface finishes, such as natural, groove, sandblasted, combed, brushed, stripy, matte glazing, glossy glazing, metallic glazing, cracking glazing and other customized finishes. Togen terracotta panels perfectly express architects’ design concepts and vividly show different facade styles and effects for different architectural styles. More Detail

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